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 DrJ is a Chemical Engineer, who graduated from Clarkson too many years ago to think about. But not so long ago that he forgot PV=nRT (Just doesn't know what it means anymore).

He began his engineering career around the steel mills in Buffalo (when there used to be steel mills in Buffalo), working in Plant Engineering & Plant Operations, with a little time out for the Army.

Later he moved on to petrochemical and refinery technology at Union Carbide (when there used to be a Union Carbide). His assignments there included project & engineering management, technology licensing, and sales/business management. Some of his projects included the world's largest Hydrogen Plants, Distillation Towers, and Gasoline Isomerzation Plants built up to that time.

The venues were Western Europe, North America & Japan. His last project there was on the design/ implementation/ start-up team of an SAP instance for an international engineering operation (UOP).

He has since returned to Connecticut, where he delights in boating and tormenting the dog. Consulting work is accepted, so long as there is no heavy lifting... His other hobbies include reading history and modifying a long-suffering Corvette.

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